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Cappuccino--A Considerate Partner for Internet Life of the Elderly



Exhibition booth: 1A01

Cappuccino smartphone has taken the initiative to focus on customizing smartphones for the mid-aged and elderly, adhering to the philosophy that the elderly should also use a good phone. Cappuccino has been brave in overwhelming the notion that the smartphone for elderly is low in configuration and performance. It takes on a fashionable design, is installed with easy and funny software, and customized in hardware to make a smartphone most suitable for the mid-aged and elderly at home.

The unique Care OS of Cappuccino is popular among the mid-aged and elderly customers. The new customized interface for the mid-aged and elderly users is nice and fashionable, easy to use, with large fonts, loud sound, and large icons, especially designed with an emergency call button for the elderly. Functions such as Care Protection, remote assistant and traffic lock enable the elderly to use the smartphone more safely and at ease. It is also infused with a lot of mobile Internet net elements such as real-time news, health promotion, sharing and folk arts, so that the elderly users can easily blend into the new era of mobile Internet and feel the wonder and convenience brought by technologies.


Major Products

C685 targets the segment market of the mid-aged and elderly users, which is the first smart phone for mid-aged and elderly that supports all 4G networks in China; that is, users of Mobile, Unicom and Telecom operators can use the phone.

Adopting the latest 4G technology, it has greatly enhanced the network surfing experience of the mid-aged and elderly. The 5-inch HD screen, with an HD camera of 8 million pixels, a RAM of 2G and a ROM of 16G.

The Care OS customized for mid-aged and elderly is easy to use, fashionable, which has solved the annoyance of mid-aged and elderly in using a smartphone, namely, vagueness, puzzle and difficulty.



C603 also targets the segment market of mid-aged and elderly, which has been upgraded on the basis of C685. The phone has a pure metal rose-gold and bright fashionable appearance customized for the mid-aged and elderly, 4-core processor, a 5-inch HD screen, a 13 Million pixel HD camera, a RAM of 3G and a super large ROM of 32/64G.



Special Functions of Cappuccino Smartphone
Solving basic barriers for the elderly to use a smartphone

1. Super loud double speakers, telephone receiver louder
The calls, rings and music will sound louder and clearer.

2. Large icons and fonts
The 5-inch HD screen with large blocks arranged in order, complete with the fonts larger than that of an ordinary phone, it is easier to find the features you need.

3. Album dialing
At the desktop the numbers of eight frequent contacts can be saved with their photos. Check the photo and call by pressing one button.

4. Input method for the mid-aged and elderly
The elderly want to send information, but know little about Ping-yin? They can write the information by hand or send voice messages easily; they can also record their voice and send it out.

5. Remote assistant
Children or customer staff can assist the elderly to operate their phone remotely at any time and place.

6. Traffic security
The access to Internet needs to be authorized by the elderly, so they no longer need to worry about traffic security, which can free them of worries about the high communication fee.

Satisfying the spiritual needs of parents and enriching their elderly life

7. Folk music and arts
Based on the genres favored by the elderly, the phone is pre-installed with a lot of music such as square dance, old songs, storytelling, revolutionary songs and operas, so that the elderly can enjoy the music, operas and cross talks at any time.

8. Radio with a loudspeaker
The radio with a loudspeaker can be turned on by one key, which does not require any communication traffic or earphone. Wherever the elderly go, they can listen to the radio.

9. Voice broadcast
Any information such as short message, caller ID, news and health channels can be broadcasted with voice, which also support dialect.

10. News channel
With the mobilephone at hand, the elderly can learn about what has happened in the world at any time and any place.

11. Tourism channel
Tourism information is offered for the elderly, to make it convenient for them to plan their travel.

12. Health knowledge
The elderly can obtain more health promotion knowledge conveniently and appear more and more youthful.

13. Financial channel
The elderly can follow the trend of economy, grasp the direction of investment and wealth management, and make reasonable wealth management decisions.

14. WeChat and QQ
Pre-installed with communication softwares such as WeChat and QQ, it can let the elderly and children communicate and interact in different forms, and enable the elderly to access the life circle of their children without disturbing the youngsters. So the elderly can keep up with the times. And it can also enhance the close tie of families.

15. Sharing of love
The permanent family photo album will enable parents to share wonderful moments of the family without any operation.

More Guarantee for Safe Travel of Parents

16. Call for help
In case of emergencies such as getting lost, fall or encountering a danger, by pressing one button, you can send your position to your families and automatically dial the number of your families.

17. Cappuccino protection
Children can check the position of parents at any time, to ensure safety for parents all the way.

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