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SIC 2017: Artificial Intelligence to Make Elderly Life Enjoyable

Market and Policy to Set the Trend of ‘Internet + Elderly Care’
Chinese population is aging rapidly in recent years. The increasing demands for elderly care services, however, cannot be satisfied due to insufficient elderly care resources and low-level application of information technologies in this area. The development of internet has helped boost the market of smart elderly care products such as telemedicine, health monitoring devices, wearable devices and patient monitoring devices which are gradually used in the elderly care of individuals, families, communities and establishments. As for policy, the three Ministries issued ‘Action Plan for Developing Intelligent Health and Elderly Care Industry (2017-2020)’ to promote the growth of these industries. In light of the above, there are promising prospects for intelligent senior care industry with application of technologies like Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and intelligent hardware.

Smart Elderly Care Pavilion to Help Leading Brands Explore Opportunities

Following the trend of applying artificial intelligence and technologies in elderly care, the 4th China International Silver Industry Exhibition optimizesits pavilion layout and rebuilds the Smart Elderly Care Pavilion that attracts leading brands in the field of intelligent elderly care to participate, includingi-altus, Sankai, China Telecom, Eagle, E-ling, CAS Nor-West Star, 100ecare, Harv D.T.,Meddo, BestSkip, Lkang, CASNETVI,BOCT, We Doctor, Qianhan Technology and CAPPU. At that point, there will be a complete showcase of products such as elderly care information platform, health management and service system, intelligent elderly care solutions and intelligent hardware to provide visitors with interactive experiences with elderly care technologies. Meanwhile, the pavilion will present a solution of applying ‘new’ technologies to solve ‘old’ problems, which will promote better allocation and connection of resources and facilitate the upgrade of elderly care services.

At present, the following three development patterns are prevalent in intelligent elderly care enterprises: building regional elderly care information platforms for local governments, creating information systems for elderly care establishments and developing intelligent hardware for individual seniors. This session of SIC aims to gather leading brands of the industry to explore new patterns in the future.


Regional Elderly Care Information Platform to Support Local Government

China Telecom Guangdong Company has established the Guangdong Home-based Elderly Care Service Platform, namely Yoyo Health and Happiness, with which the company aims to build a healthy cycle of elderly care service chain consisting of operator + application service provider + retailer+ service organization + government + seniors and their children.


Intelligent Elderly Care Establishments to Provide One-stop Service Management

The company i-altus specializes in developing information management system for establishments. One of its famous products is ‘i-altus elderly establishment information management system’ which helps different departments function in order and achieves collaboration among departments and branches to surveil overall operation with higher work efficiency. It is a lawful management application with the largest number of users in China.

Harv D.T.’s leading brand ‘Yijiatong’ aims to perform a lot of functions like the management of reception, accommodation, archives, nursing, beds, care givers, expenses and payment on one platform.


Intelligent Application to Bring Elderly Care Service Home

Based on wearable devices that are linked to the secured 100ecareCloud Platform, 100ecare Technology’s Ai Qiangua provides long-distance care and services for personal elderly users via its mobile APP.

Meddo Medical’s newly developed pressure monitoring mattress helps to prevent pressure ulcers and greatly relieve nursing workers’ daily work stress by offering functions of ‘turning over’ and ‘rubbing’ plus physical cooling. Another product of Meddo is intelligent coat that is able to monitor the movement of human joints. It sends the data collected to therapist who can make adjustments distantly. This product has once travelled to the space with astronauts in Soyuz spacecraft.



Upgrade of Pavilions to Create Win-win Synergies in the Industry

With a new round of upgrade, the 4th SIC will keep up with trends in the market. Its four optimized pavilions of Barrier Free Living, Rehabilitation and Care, Smart Elderly Care and Healthy Maintenance, together with the other four newly created featured areas of Senior Housing, Service Robots, Nursing Bed and Resilient Flooring, will present the latest products, technologies and solutions of varioussegments. It is the duty of SIC 2017 to bring in more opportunities for future development of Chinese senior care industry by building a platform for dialogues and communication where information and resources can be shared.

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